Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP): Changing Points of View

In its earliest form, Psychosis was subject to many negative opinions. Many people related psychosis to demonic possession. This believe and several others of its kind will experienced a n overturn approximately a 100 years ago when individual psychotherapy began. It marked a significant shift in the way humans see things. For instances, Psychosis as seen for what it really is – a nervous system disorder.

This simple illustration highlights how important the point of view concept really is. In the modern existence, we often here people interject “try to see it from my own point of view”. But only a few of us really do. And whenever you really try to see it through the second person’s eyes, you end up picking up facts you didn’t pick when you first considered it.

To see this for yourself, try this little exercise. Just go over your thoughts and recall a disagreement you had with someone recently. First, try to recall all of the event the way you remember it. Now, try to remember the event from the other person’s point of view. Try to look over the other person’s shoulder and try to listen to yourself as the argument raged on.

Have you noticed any difference? Most of the time, you will notice a difference and you will begin to see things you would have done differently. That is a good illustration of “change of point of view”.

Other Points of View

It is known that most persons talk about points of view and it’s been so for centuries. Surprisingly enough, most persons have not considered it literally, they have always seen it from the metaphorical point of view. NLP has developed specific ways t give specific instructions that are capable of changing this point of view. To better picture the concept of point of view, consider any recent occurrence and think about it. Would you be amazed if I told you that the way you considered that occurrence is only one out of about a thousand possibilities. Yes, the mind is so powerful that it can view anything from any point in space.

Association and Dissociation

The concept of association and dissociation finds massive application in the changing of point of view perspective. Most of the attributes and judgements we make are associated with experiences and attributes we intentionally or unintentionally modelled into our lives. The best way to go about changing point of view is by dissociating from such experiences so as to be more flexible to take on another point of view.

Conclusively, the concept of association and dissociation can be used to change how people respond to specific events. The hallmark of an NLP practitioner is his ability to dissociate from a point of view and take on another point of view. This is what makes humans able to imagine the experiences of another human. It might surprise you to know that without this attribute, humans would be more exposed to manipulations and untrue affairs and relationships.