Living a Stress Free Life with NLP

It is no longer news that stress is our enemy as it reduces the quality of life for many people. Stress is the feeling of a physical or an emotional tension and it usually emanates from an event that frustrated or angered you. In life, such events are bound to occur. What you do after they have occurred will determine whether or will succumb to stress.

How Does Stress Affect You?

For those that are yet to know, stress can greatly and adversely affect your mind and body. The common physical symptoms for stress that are left unchecked are increased heart rate, high blood pressure, obesity, heart-related problems and even diabetes. On the mental front, stress can greatly affect your concentration and effectiveness. For some, stress can even bring about nauseas or other strong internal sensations which emanates from the rapid heart rate and adrenalin amount in the body system.

Is NLP Really a Solution for Stress?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) can be used to ensure a stress free life because stress as we know it stems from the activities of our mind. And since NLP can help us readjust our mind and focus it on the things that truly matters, then NLP is ideal for helping us deal with the stress menace.

In What Ways Can NLP be Used in Combating Stress?

  • The Stress Junkies

One very notable case of when NLP can be really effective against stress is in the case of people referred to as “stress junkies”. For the stress junkies, effectiveness means that stress is on them. These set of persons are motivated by the response the body gives to stress. The stress response motivates them. These are the set of people that will procrastinate and postpone important tasks until when it is close to deadlines because that is the only time when they can be really serious and effective. For these people, they need the ‘flight mode’ which is activated by adrenaline (the stress hormone) to become focused. You will be amazed that these people even go ahead to create stress for themselves when it is not there. For such persons, NLP can be really effective since it can be used to reconfigure their minds to learn to function in the absence of stress. You can use NLP to create a choice that will enable you to be proactive and motivated rather than waiting for the stress response to do that for you.

  • Those Frozen by Stress

The second set of people are those that get demoralised by the presence of stress. They become utterly useless and are unable to function. These set of persons are overwhelmed by stress. For this set of persons, they just have to recognise stress for what it is – a signal from the unconscious mind and learn how to reprogram the unconscious mind to not give off such signals.

NLP is able to conquer stress because it stems from behavior and the sum total of your behaviours are learnt either by modelling or experience.