Best NLP Books

As an NLP enthusiast, you might have been caught up with the question “what are the best NLP books for me?” Here is a list of NLP books I recommend you read. Thereafter, you will have a solid understanding of NLP.

The books in this list do not only inculcate NLP beginners in the introduction and basic concepts of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), it also contains advanced materials to enable them make a difference in all ramifications. 

In preparation of this list, I considered the following criteria:

  • Practical
  • Well written
  • Grounded and
  • Generative

Some NLP books:

Business NLP for Dummies by Lynne Cooper

This book offers direct and practical approach to get started with NLP. This is the perfect book to help you develop your business strategies.

This book will help you become more influential, flexible and successful, in the career of your choice.

Who should read this book?

Are you trying to do the following?

  • Build your motivation?
  • Sharpen your negotiation skills?
  • Enhance your communication skills?
  • Develop your leadership quality?
  • Succeed in business?

This book is targeted to help you achieve all these and more.

MIND LINES by Michael Hall

Michael Hall calls his unique brand of NLP “Neurosematics”.

Before you dive into harnessing the potentials of this book, a basic knowledge of the NLP technique ‘Meta-States’ is very essential. This model enables you change meaning for influence in communication.

Who should read this book?

Are you trying to do the following?

  • Manage?
  • Coach?
  • Parent?
  • Love and Interact with humans?
  • Understand what make humans who they are?
  • Make your life easier?

This book is what you need. Go get it.

Words that Change Minds by Shelle Rose Charvet

This book teaches you how to give one a task one would do well, instruct one to do something in a manner that would please one, and most importantly, speak to one in a way that pleases and motivates one.

This book is in fact, very essential to any student of communication who wants to excel in the field.

Who should read this Book?

For you trying to:

  • Hire employees
  • Consult others
  • Apply for jobs
  • Help others improve their communication skills
  • Lead a team
  • Avoid being manipulated
  • Work in HR
  • Use language to influence others.

I recommend this book for you.

Unlimited Selling Power by Donald Moine and Kenneth Lloyd

This book is definite in its purpose. It is specifically targeted for those in sales sector (Sales persons and Sales managers). By heeding to this NLP book, salespeople will build their sales strategies.

From the start, the authors of this book enlighten you about Hypnosis and its principles. Thereafter, they demonstrate how to use language, delivery techniques, tonality and rapport in sales context.                                      

NLP at Work by Sue Knight

NLP at work is possibly the most effective NLP book for a beginner in the field. It contains summaries, checklists and case studies to enable you understand what NLP is all about from the root.

Who should read this book?

If you want to:

  • understand NLP
  • discover your inner self
  • improve your leadership skills
  • achieve better ways to explore and experience work

NLP the Essential Guide by Tom Hoobya, Tom Dotz & Susan Sanders

This NLP book is written by three NLP coaches and master practitioners. It serves as a guide to applying NLP In everyday life. They achieve this by narrating their real-life stories.

This is specifically meant for novices and others who simply need a summary and/or  overview of NLP.

Persuasion Engineering by Richard Bandler & John LaValle

At the beginning of this book you have a systematic warning of what awaits you:

“While it may seem that some of the sentence structures in this book read as grammatically incorrect, they are written for a purpose, as NLP and grammar do not necessarily share the same structure”.

Having a basic knowledge of NLP is a prerequisite to diving into this book.

It is a requirement for those who need to influence others in their line of work and for others who need to sell, lead, or manage.

After reading these books you are certainly going to be another NLP coach and master practitioner from your reading table.