Belief change with NLP

Beliefs are the generalization about the world we live in. It is the convictions that certain things are real and true. We always hold on to our belief as important because we believe it is true despite any other opinion. Your beliefs can be from your environment, stories told by your parents and friends, experiences and so on. Your belief determines whether you can do something or not because they are conscious enough to be neglected. Belief is being held at a deep level because we always assume that they are true and we will not realize how what we do is being affected by this belief. You can get upset and even fight when someone dare to question your belief. Your belief affects your mental habit even when you have no real evidence supporting it. Your beliefs depend on your perception about the world and the things around you. NLP which is a life changing therapy is concerned with that negative belief which limits our everyday performance and how to change it. The positive and negative concept of your belief is the content of reality in your belief. NLP helps you to know more about your internal maps and be able to differentiate between the positive and the negative belief. Not accepting your negative belief as a threat is very harmful. We can’t change the negative content.  So control method should be adopted, you can Change how you react to it and the things you learn from it. According to NLP our beliefs are not fixed permanently to our life. So, you can improve in your level of happiness and growth by identifying and changing your limiting beliefs.

NLP has three important techniques you can use to change the process of how you react and act to whatever happens and they are:

  1. Identify your limiting belief.

First of all, know the particular belief that affect you as an individual. Think about that belief that you wished you never had. Discover how your new belief makes you feel. As you think about the belief you don’t like, create a picture you will attach to the belief. Imagine yourself without that belief.

2.Change the sub-modality

Your perceptions from the five sense organ is known as the modalities while the way you react to these modalities is known as sub-modality. According to NLP, meaning of past experience can be changed by changing your sub-modality. Your concept and the way you view your limiting belief matters and have to be changed. Always interrupt your limiting belief and reinforce the value of the new belief.

3.Step into the new belief you want to have

Know the reason why you want to adopt the new belief and work towards it. As you think about the new belief create a picture. Replace the picture you created with your limiting belief with the one created with your new belief. Reinforce it by thinking about it all the time.

From the above points, you see that your sensory input builds up your mental maps. The better you see, look, hear and connect to your feelings, and the less you filter the information you receive, the better your maps will be. And also the better you will connect and communicate with the world. But when you don’t perceive your environment positively it will affect you there by leading to limiting beliefs. To change some of this limiting beliefs, we change some of the qualities of this sensory inputs. This is because when you change the qualities you change the experience itself. From there you will boost and reinforce your good and useful beliefs.

NLP helps you change your limiting belief with a good one. It will also guide you on how to Concentrate more on the impact of the useful memories.