What can I do with an NLP Certificate?

Being NLP trained comes with its pecks and the two major ones are: you could apply the principles to bettering your own endeavors and the other is you can apply your certification in helping others use NLP while reaping some financial benefits. The latter is our main focus in this article.

So if you are trained already and you are seeking possible ways of applying your new knowledge or you want to get trained but you just want to be sure of the prospects in it for you, then this discussion is for you.

The first step to truly be great in the field of NLP is choosing a niche, knowing as much as possible about your chosen niche and being resourceful enough to get it going. With a blend of these, there are a wide range of career paths and we are going to be discussing some of the most popular ones in this article. We will be mentioning a few since they are too numerous to discuss here.

Some of the most notable job opportunities for an NLP practitioner are mentioned below:

  1. Business or Life Coach

Since your NLP training puts you in a position to understand how the human mind works and how to program it for better results, you can serve as a business or life coach to your clients by teaching them how to apply these principles in their lives and business. You can also train sales people how to apply the principles of NLP in selling. This qualifies you as a coach and you can earn good money doing this.

  1. Wellness Expert, Counselor, Therapist, Mediator, etc.

Emotional wellness is more of a thing of the mind and most NLP practitioners know this. You can help people to lead a happier life by helping them reprogram their mind from what saddens them to what elates them.

  1. Television, Event and Radio Show Hosts

You could organise a show where you teach people productivity and general well-being just like Tony Robbins. If you have books or articles on the NLP subject matter, it betters your prospects.

  1. Yoga and Meditation Experts, Personal Trainers, Hypnotists and Relaxation Expert

These professions entails working on the subconscious to get better overall physical and mental well-being which is the core focus of NLP.

The NLP career opportunities discussed above can be condensed into the following main categories:

  • Use of NLP for Healing Practices, especially disorders of the mind.
  • Teaching corporate organisations to apply NLP principles to achieve their corporate goals.
  • Training others to become NLP practitioners.
  • Coaching people to apply NLP principles to be more productive.
  • Educating people on how to use NLP to guide their future visions.
  • Teaching teachers how to bring out the best from their students by using the power of language that is embedded in NLP.
  • Helping students achieve better grades by harnessing the immense power of the mind through NLP.

You can see how broad the applications of NLP are by looking at its concept. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) entails utilizing the connectivity between the body and the mind to improve well-being and productivity. Productivity and well-being seems like two extreme cases for one single tool to manage, but such is its wide reach. This wide reach is the reason why NLP can be applied in most human endeavours such as education, coaching, therapy, healing, business and others. This is possible because the above mention fields rely on the powers of the human mind.

While some people might just choose to use their NLP certification to improve their efficiency in their personal lives and in their chosen endeavours, others may choose to make a few bucks teaching and applying NLP principles to help others benefit from it.

Conclusively, NLP is such a broad field since it is built around language which is applied in almost every human endeavour. Thus, it has several applications. With the right training and a will to practice, there is a wide range of career prospects that you can focus on.