How to Start a Coaching Business Using NLP

Starting an NLP coaching business comes with its own intricacies. This is because apart from the fact that you are going to be trying to put logistics in place, you are also concerned with clientele and you have to also deal with the doubt in your heart. However, if approached rightly, it can be eased up for you. Here we will be providing you with a guide that can ease up your journey of establishing a coaching business using NLP.

Points to Consider

Before starting a coaching business, there are four points that you should consider. They are

  • Ask yourself if NLP coaching is truly a passion for you. Be sure it’s in line with your personal beliefs and values. Be sure you are not being influenced by external factors. This will go a long way to determine your success in the business you are venturing into. Because passion will be the only thing that will keep you going at the start of the business when the benefits are not forthcoming yet. And since the job of an NLP expert is a delicate one that involves the mind, it becomes so important that your mind be in it.
  • The other consideration is; do you have a niche? The world of coaching is a very broad one with several branches such as life coaching, business coaching, sales coaching, executive coaching and the rest of them. you do not have to dabble into them just like that. You have to choose a niche and focus squarely on it. You also have to ensure that the niche you are choosing is one in which you are comfortable and conversant with. This is important because your growth will depend on the number of successful cases you are able to register. While there is no agency that is in charge of supervision of coaching jobs just yet, your success will determine if you will be big or not. So don’t just choose a niche, be good at it.
  • You have to decide how you intend to get your clients. You can decide this by focusing on who your prospective clients are and focusing on them.
  • Then decide also what your charges will be like. You can plan your services and classify them into cost categories.

Having said that, let’s now look at the steps you can take to start up your NLP coaching business.

  1. First, decide on the structure and legality of your coaching business:

The coaching business you are planning to open will have to fall into a category. Whether sole proprietorship, partnership or Limited Liability Company. You will have to decide because the business model you choose will determine the legality route you will take. For instance, a partnership will normally require a partnership deed while a Limited Liability Company will require its own set of documents. When you decide on the category of business that you will want your coaching business to fall into, it will guide you in putting the legal framework in place.


  1. Set up other business requirements

Usually, a business will require a business name, a logo, website and maybe a business card. Once you have decided on the structure and legality, you are to proceed and register your business with the business name you have chosen with the appropriate bodies. Then get a logo, website and other requirements.

  1. Procure the services of experts.

Depending on the size of your business, you may be needing the services of accountants, legal practitioners and insurance experts. They will help you set your business on the right track as it prepares to go into operation. Talking about experts, it is also wise to keep other NLP experts close so as not to operate in isolation.

These are some of the steps you can take to enable you practice your NLP coaching easily.